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306TX-N - 'Discontinued' -6-Port 10/100TX,DIN,N-VIEW by Advantech/ B+B Smartworx

306TX-N - "Discontinued" -6-Port 10/100TX,DIN,N-VIEW
by Advantech/ B+B Smartworx

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  • Compact Size, Small Footprint
  • Full IEEE 802.3 and 1613 Compliance
  • NEMA TS1/TS2 Compliance
  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Type Approval
  • Extended Environmental Specifi cations
  • Six 10/100 BaseTX RJ-45 Ports
  • Supports Full/Half Duplex Operation
  • LED Link/Activity Status Indication
  • Store-and-forward Technology
  • Auto Senses Speed and Flow Control
  • MDIX Auto Cable Sensing (RJ-45)
  • Up to 1.0 Gb/s Maximum Throughput
  • Rugged Industrial DIN-RAIL Enclosure
  • Redundant Power Inputs (10-30 VDC)
  • N-View™ OPC Switch Monitoring Option


The N-TRON® 306TX is an unmanaged six port Industrial Ethernet Switch. It is housed in a ruggedized DIN-RAIL enclosure, and is designed for use in industrial data acquisition, control, and Ethernet I/O applications.

The 306TX-N Industrial Network Switch is designed to meet and exceed the most demanding industrial communication requirements while providing high throughput and minimum downtime.

The 306TX-N provides six RJ-45 auto sensing 10/100BaseTX ports. All ports are full/half duplex capable, using "state of the art" Ethernet switching technology. The 306TX auto-negotiates the speed and fl ow control capabilities of the TX copper port connection, and confi gures itself automatically.

The 306TX-N is auto sensing, so there will be no need to make extensive wiring changes if upgrades are made to host computers, plant systems, or Ethernet I/O modules. The switching fabric simply scales up or down automatically to match network environments.




Case dimensions

Industrial Media Converter

Height: 3.1" (7.8 cm)

Width: 2.0" (5.1 cm)

Depth: 3.4" (8.6 cm)

Weight: 0.75 lbs (0.3 kg)



• Compact Size, Smaller Footprint

• High Reliability/Availability

• Extended Environmental Specifi cations

• Ruggedized DIN-Rail Enclosure

• High Performance

• High MTBF >2M Hours (measured)



Ease of Use

Input Voltage: 10-30 VDC

Input Current: 250 mA@24V

Inrush: 10Amp/0.9ms@24V


• Plug & Play Operation

• 6 Auto Sensing 10/100BaseTX Port

• Auto Sensing Duplex, Speed, and Cable Type

• Unmanaged Operation

• Compact DIN-Rail Package



Increased Performance

Operating Temperature: -20o C to 70o C

Storage Temperature: -40o C to 85o C

Operating Humidity: 10% to 95% (Non Condensing)

Operating Altitude: 0 to 10,000 ft.


• Full Wire Speed Capable

• 100BaseFX Fiber Uplink

• Full Duplex Capable

• Eliminates Network Collisions

• Increases Network Determinism

• N-View Port Viewing Option


Shock and Vibration (bulkhead mounting)

Recommended Wiring Clearance

Shock: 200g @ 10ms

Vibration/Seismic: 50g, 5-200Hz, Triaxial

Front: 4" (10.16 cm)

Top: 1" (2.54 cm)

Network Media

Regulatory Approvals

10BaseT: >Cat3 Cable

100BaseTX: >Cat5 Cable



FCC Part 15 Class A

UL Listed 1604 (US and Canada)


CE: EN61000-6-2,4, EN55011, EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6

ABS Type Approval for Shipboard Applications

GOST-R Certifi ed

RoHS Compliant




10/100BaseTX: Six (6) RJ-45 TX Port




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