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FOM-9011-T5B - 8 Form C Contacts. Singlemode ST Optics by PATTON

FOM-9011-T5B - 8 Form C Contacts. Singlemode ST Optics

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  • Card Module for the FOM system supporting stand-alone or multi-card 19” rack mounting
  • Each of the 12 channels can be individually configured
  • Automatic State Detection for TIA-232, TIA-422, and TTL Signals
  • Voltage sense, open collector or contact inputs


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The Patton Model FOM-9011-T5B provide uni-directional transport of low-level control or contact status signals. The status of all signals is shown on front panel indicators in addition to power supply and optical link status for each card.

The FOM-9010 can be used with contact closure sense or voltage inputs. The voltage input mode will accept polarity sensitive TIA-232, TTL, or TIA-422 state indications as well as sensing AC or DC voltages for simple presence. Note that while the unit accepts some electrical data standards, any data activity is simply viewed as an AC voltage and will be identified as being ‘on’.

The FOM-9011 has all 8 channels fixed as Form C solid state contacts. The NC contact remains shorted to the C contact even with the FOM powered off.

The FOM-9012 supports Form A or Form B solid state contacts on the output channels. Each of the 12 channels can be configured individually and the Form B contacts remain shorted even with the FOM powered off.

The user can achieve complete electrical isolation for control and status signal in areas of high electrical noise or in/out of RF shielded enclosures (SCIF). The fiber optic cable is not susceptible to induced impulse noise and since signal ground is not carried over the link, the signal is not affected by elevated ground potential from lightning or other sources. The fiber optic cable enhances privacy of communications.

The specifications for this product are contained in the User Manual

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