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White Paper

Date Case Study/ Topic Manufacturor
July. 2019 Moxa : IIoT-in-Power-Energy

        Enabling IIoT Connectivity for Virtual Power Plants:
  • Virtual Power Plants for Predictable Power
  • Key Challenges in Virtual Power Plants
  • Integrating Distributed Energy Resources Into the Grid
  • Estimating the Power From Renewable Energy Sources
  • Implementing and Managing Demand-response Programs
  • Case in Point-Building Energy Self-Sufficient Communities
  • Leveraging IIoT Connectivity in Virtual Power Plants
Sep. 2017 Perle Systems Application notes: Media Converters offer flexible expansion in Horizontal Networks

        Media Converters ease the integration of fiber cabling to extend network distances avoid EMI disruptions and tighten data security:
  • Be used where there is high level of electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Cost-effective expansion over large distances
  • Avoiding EMI disruptions and security consideration
Perle Systems
June. 2017 Perle Systems Technical notes: Port Based Network Access Control

        802.1 x uses three terms that you need to know: 
  • Supplicant: The user or client device that wants to be authenticated and given access to the network.
  • Authentication server: The actual server doing the authentication, typically a RADIUS server.
  • Authenticator: The device in between the Supplicant and Authentication Server.
Mar. 2017 Moxa Connections: The Plant Manager’s Guide to IIoT Connectivity

        IoT Enablement Steps:  
  • Step 1: Assess Your Operational Pain Points
  • Step 2: Develop and Prioritize Operational Goals
  • Step 3: Understand the Interoperability Status of Key Processes
  • Step 4: Choose the Right Devices to Help You Get Connected
Mar. 2017 Moxa Connections: Delivering a Safe and Smooth Elevator Experience
  • Limited Cabinet Space
  • Quick Configuration
  • Minimizing Downtime
Feb. 2017 Perle Systems Technical Notes: MRP - Media Redundancy Protocol ( IEC 62439-2 )
Nov. 2016 Secure Small Business & Home Networks:  Compact Network Appliance with the latest Intel® Atom™ x5-E3930 Processor - Axiomtek NA345
Sep. 2016 Sonic Automotive use Perle Ethernet Extenders in Project to Reduce the Time it Takes to Purchase a Car
Apr. 2016 Prepare Networks for Industrial IoT, Substation IEC 61850 Retrofits
Mar. 2016 Software and Serial Devices in the Industrial Internet of Things
Feb. 2016 How Golden Gate Bridge switched from manned toll-booths to an all-electronic toll system
Sep. 2015 How EDF Energy, Duke Energy, NEXTera Energy and RWE integrate Perle Device-Networking Hardware to meet their legislative requirements
Aug. 2015 Network Management on Mobile Devices, Power Monitoring Multiple Connected Devices
July. 2015 Wireless for the Industrial IoT Age and Digital Oil Fields
Jun. 2015 SMART Factory Communications, PRP/HSR Substations with Redundancy
May 2015 Nonstop IP Surveillance on Industrial Ethernet; Choosing Industrial Firewalls
Apr. 2015 To Replace or Refurbish Rolling Stock; Data Center Energy Use Case Study
Mar. 2015 Keep Cellular Devices Online for the Industrial IoT, Protocol Conversion between PLCs and Devices
Feb. 2015 Enabling Reliable Video over LTE in Industrial Remote Monitoring Systems
Jan. 2015 Trackside Backbone Networks' Five Key Requirements
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